Working with coastal communities globally to create value from waste.

SeaForm provides local communities with the tools and knowledge to up-cycle plastic pollution into goods for ocean-minded travelers. 

Helping to harvest waste plastic from oceans, beaches, streets and landfills. 

Founded by an ocean-loving industrial designer and a wave-obsessed sustainability consultant, SeaForm is just finding its sealegs. 

Follow us to see the project take ‘form’.

Ocean plastic is born on land.

AND 8 million tons of that plastic enters our oceans EVERY YEAR.

We need to stop that flow, while cleaning up the plastic that's already there.

If we don’t act now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  (World Economic Forum)

SeaForm creates a value chain.

Volunteers are amazing, but value creates certainty.

By providing a direct economic incentive to collect plastic, sort plastic and up-cycle plastic, SeaForm shows people that there is value in waste.

Sustainable solutions have to make business sense.

SeaForm shows communities that there’s value in waste.

  1. SeaForm has developed a range of design-driven goods for ocean-minded travelers
  2. SeaForm shares the tools and the designs to make up-cycled goods with coastal communities globally 
  3. Makers work with their communities to harvest plastic from the environment and create SeaForms
  4. Makers sell up-cycled goods to travellers locally and via SeaForm’s online market 
  5. You (the ocean-minded traveler) buy SeaForms and directly support makers in coastal communities (each product sold means we can provide more tooling to another coastal-community)
  6. Coastal Communities see value in plastic pollution and are incentivised to collect more plastic. Meaning cleaner beaches, cleaner waterways, cleaner streets and less plastic in landfills
  7. Coastal Communities find even more creative ways to use plastic pollution

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